KAB. HDMI ver2.1 3m 8K 60Hz certif. GOOBAY


HDMI-certified, officially licensed and tested cable for optimum signal quality. The certified Ultra High Speed €‹€‹HDMI cable meets the quality requirements of the HDMI standards and guarantees to support all functions.
Ultra HD up to 8K @ 60 Hz (4320p) and 4K @ 120 Hz (2160p) suitable and 3D 50/60 Hz
uninterrupted movements (no juddering) and transitions, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
new HDMI standard for impeccable movies and gaming experiences
The HDMI cable connects televisions / TV sets or PC monitors with game consoles (such as Playstation or Xbox), beamers / projectors or streaming receivers (such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV).
Gold-plated HDMI connectors and advanced technology guarantee flawless signal transmission, clearer picture quality, unparalleled video quality, razor-sharp and precise sound.
especially for games consoles with high resolution image (4K @ 120 Hz, 8K @ 60 Hz) such as Sony Playstation 5 (PS 5) or Microsoft Xbox Series X.

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In stock


High speed cable for 8K @ 60 Hz

AWG – 30
Inner conductor cross-section – 0.254 mm²
Inner Conductor number – 1 pieces
Number of shieldings – 2 x
Connection, height – 11.4 mm
Connection, length – 42.1 mm
Connection, width – 20.4 mm
Connection 2, height – 11.4 mm
Connection 2, length – 42.1 mm
Connection 2, width – 20.4 mm
Markings – WEEE, CE
product.attribute.techdat-general-goobay-version – 2.1
Operating temperature up to – 80 °C
Operating temperature from – -10 °C
Warranty – 2 years