TEL KAB SPIRALNI 6/4> 4/4-2m


optimal connection between telephone and handset
as a replacement for too short, long or defective original handset cables
flexible thanks to a flat, spiral handset cable
4-pole assigned 4p4c modular plug (plug width: ~7,7mm)
No defined RJ standard, often also called RJ9, RJ10 or RJ22

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In stock


RJ10 male (4P4C) > RJ10 male (4P4C)

Cable type – coiled cable
Inner conductor material – CCA (copper-clad aluminium)
Markings – CE, WEEE
Consumption Unit – 1 pc. in polybag
Cable length – 2 m
Color – white
Connection, type – RJ10 male (4P4C)
Connection 2, type – RJ10 male (4P4C)
Color version – white