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FDK was founded in February 1950 as a company manufacturing and selling manganese dry batteries. Since then, its decades of experience and top of the line engineering have lead the company to become the world`s largest manufacturer of NiMH batteries with a global reputation of excellence. It is the only Japanese manufacturer that both designs and operates fully automatic production lines for batteries. Regarding FDK’s alkaline batteries, which feature the world‘s top level of performance, not only the batteries but also the facilities that manufacture them have been acknowledged for their high quality around the world.

The company produces alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries which can be used with repeated charging. Besides batteries, the company entered the ferrite business taking advantage of its expertise with battery materials. It also engages in the development and manufacturing of lithium ion capacitors, various electronic components and power storage systems, where the battery and electronic circuit technologies are combined.

FDK is focused on the research and development of battery materials. These batteries are used in many areas of life from industrial applications to consumer usage.

Today, FDK products can be found around the world in lightning equipment, computers, smartphones, communication equipment and automotive applications. By bringing together the technologies of the group and providing reliable, safe and valuable products to customers, FDK seeks to contribute in various manners to society as an energy management manufacturer.

FDK is a member of Fujitsu group, with headquarters in Tokyo, Shinagawa Crystal Square building and in March of 2015 has employed 1,388 people. It has 6 industrial plants in Japan and 6 overseas, as well as 9 offices in Asia, USA and Europe.

We at Quantum had experience with Fujitsu batteries for over 6 years before making a direct contact. Always satisfied consumers was a green light for us. Since October 2018 we are proud to announce that we became official distributor for Montenegro and Albania area.